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As a car owner, do you know how long your car can last? Or how many kilometres can it withstand on the road?

In general, a car is engineered to withstand at least 200,000 to 300,000 kilometres. And it was indicated that a car can last up to 12 years on the road. But, of course, this greatly depends on the maintenance and usage of the car. Some cars, if properly maintained, can last longer than most. But regardless of how long a car can last on the road, all cars will eventually come to a halt. When that happens, do you know what to do?

Signs that you need to scrap your car

1) The car is no longer fit for the road

Never drive with a car that is unfit for the road, it could endanger you, your passengers, and other drivers too. If you know that your car is no longer safe for driving, instead of letting it take up space in front of your house, it’s better to have it scrapped. And the good news is that car removal companies are willing to take in cars of any condition. So, one less problem for you!

2) No one is using the car and it’s taking up space

Have you ever seen a house with a really old and unused car parked in front of it? Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to keep something that you can no longer use but some people just find it more difficult to let go of things than others.

If you are one of those people, here’s what you need to know. Keeping an unused car will not benefit you. If anything, it’s taking up your space and your money if you are still taxing and insuring them. Look at it this way—if you’re not using it, scrap it and make space for a new car.

3) It costs too much to repair or maintain the car

Car maintenance can be costly, depending on how severe the condition of the car is. If you are forking out money just to pay off the maintenance fee, is it a reasonable thing to do? If the car has some insignificant damage, then it will most likely cost a lot to repair and restore. In this situation, it’s better to just scrap your car and be free from the endless worries of having it fixed.

4) You have trouble selling the car

There are plenty of ways to sell used cars. And there are plenty of potential buyers too. But when potential buyers are not interested in your car, and it’s not selling, then maybe it’s time for you to make money by scrapping off your car. You might get more by scrapping than selling it to private buyers, especially if you struggle to make a sale.

Benefits of scrapping your car

1) Reduce metal wastage

Leaving your car unattended or leaving them to a dump instead of scrapping it is a bad idea as the metallic parts of the car such as the steel exterior and the engine will rust and corrode on their own. When this happens, you will be wasting a lot of resources that could be used for recycling. But by scrapping your car, you get to reduce metal waste by reusing these metals and other parts of the car as well.

2) Promote sustainable production

Did you know that when cars are abandoned for a long time, they release toxic fluids that can pollute the environment? These toxic fluids came from the leftover brake fluid, engine oil, battery acid, coolants and many more. Through degradation, these fluids will eventually leak out and get mixed with the soil and groundwater.

When you scrap your car, the car removal services will ensure that these fluids are recycled and disposed of correctly. And the rest of the car parts will be used again by car manufacturers to make new cars. Not only does scrapping cars reduce the need for new materials, but it also helps to prevent pollution.

3) Trade for cash

Last but not least, free yourself from having to look at the same old unused car every day by scrapping it for cash. This way, you’ll get your parking spot back and add more money to your bank account. Scrapping your car is much easier than having to find a potential buyer. All you need to do is scrap your car, get paid for it, and look for a new car if you want!

Regardless of how well you take care of your car, they will break down sooner or later. Instead of holding on to unused cars and letting them take up space, scrap them, save the environment and get some cash of your own.

If you’re looking for a car scrapping service, Carfeels can help! Book an appointment with us now to get started. And if you have any other topics you would like us to discuss next, just let us know!