4 Car myths debunked

Admit it – we have all come across various car advice from our family or friends, and sometimes from strangers even! Although some of the tips are true and tested, do know that some are just a bunch of car myths! When someone who is not a car expert shares with you unusual ways to care for your cars, do yourself a favour and fact-check the information first.

Whether you realise it or not, we are very much used to practising car myths. One such myth that most of us have been practising is none other than getting our car warmed up before we hit the road. Well, as much as you refuse to believe this, this claim has been proven to be largely untrue.

In this article, we will debunk four myths surrounding car maintenance ranging from the ones that you know to the ones you never saw coming.


Although driving a manual car does result in better fuel efficiency, not all manual vehicles in existence could attest to this claim. It should be known that manual cars from the old days help save fuel better than their automatic counterparts due to their less complex transmission engines. These days, the advancement of technology has made it possible for automatic vehicles to gain additional gears and be less reliant on torque converters, allowing them to create more power at lower engine speed, thus saving fuel and creating balance.


Quite the contrary. While it is known that more fuel will be consumed driving with the windows down due to the increased drag experience when driving at high speeds, driving with the A/C on does not necessarily mean it is a better option for fuel efficiency. The air conditioner system can increase fuel consumption up to 10-20% as a result of the extra load on the engine. There is no one better option over the other as there are many factors at play, such as the car size and build, that determine the least bad option between the two. Alas, pick your poison but pick it wisely.


If anything, the internet has shown us how quickly things could go wrong while fueling up. From robberies to accidental fire ignitions, there is a remote chance for such unforeseen circumstances to happen if one is not careful enough. One thing to remember is that entering your car while fueling up is a bad idea as the common cause of flash fire while refuelling is static electricity.

In rare circumstances, if the driver returns to the vehicle during refuelling, the static sparks may cause a flash fire. But if one insists on re-entering their car, it is advised to touch a metal part of the vehicle first, such as the door, before they reach for the pump nozzle. But still, it is always better to not try your luck with anything fire-related and keep in mind to turn off and stay near your vehicle, ward off smoking and avoid re-entering your vehicle when refuelling.


The answer is yes and no, really. There is a good reason why we have been advised to do so by our elders as cars from their time seemed to be better off with warming up before driving. However, thanks to modern-day technology advancement, cars built after the 1990s do not require any warm-ups, not in this tropical climate, at least.

The reason why old models require frequent warm-ups is that they are regulated by carburettors. A carburettor is responsible for mixing gasoline and air in just the right amounts and getting that mixture into the cylinders. The throttle of a carburettor can open and close, allowing either more or less air to enter the engine or cylinder. This air moves through a narrow opening called a venturi and this creates the vacuum required to keep the engine running.

Today, carburettors are replaced by fuel injectors, a system that consumes less fuel and does not require preliminary warming up. As more are progressively becoming eco-conscious, warming up has become redundant and considered to do more harm than good to the engine and also the environment. With the use of fuel injectors, these engines are made to go as soon as they start running.

These are just four out of many car myths that have been perpetuated by hearsays. So, the next time someone tells you to do things that seem a bit sketchy, always give them a check first to determine their plausibility!

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