6 Cars that are worth renewing COE for

The price of COE (Certificate Of Entitlement) is at an all-time high, leaving many Singaporeans left wondering whether they should renew their COE for their vehicle for the next 10 years or should they scrap that car before their COE expires and deregister their vehicle’s COE to get a rebate for the portion of what’s left unused. It comes to no surprise to many that COE is expensive, with the average COE cost for a sedan being around $30,000 to $50,000! So with that being said, is it really worth renewing your COE especially when the price is at its highest? Well for some cars, it’s a definitive yes as they are worth the investment and would serve you well for many years to come. So, here are 6 cars that are worth renewing COE for.


The Toyota Corolla Altis is a familiar sedan that you will see pretty much anywhere in Singapore. If you’re looking for a car that performs well then the Corolla Altis is basically all you need.

One of the reasons why the Corolla Altis is on our recommended list is actually because of its popularity. High popularity means there are plenty of spare parts to go around, which is especially useful when you are considering using your car for more than 10 years. Due to Toyata’s excellent quality control, you don’t have to worry too much about maintenance cost. Other than it’s astounding reliability, the car also has comfortable and spacious seats that allows a smooth driving experience. Oh, did I mention that it is eco friendly too? The Corolla Altis runs Dual VVT-i engine that helps reduce carbon emission, increased horsepower and less fuel consumption.


The Honda Jazz is a reliable compact hatchback that makes it an ideal car for singles or young couples. With its cheap cost and maintenance, rest assured that you won’t have to fork out your entire savings just to maintain the car. In terms of fuel efficiency, it scores at 6.2L/100KM, which isn’t too shabby for an economical and compact car. The easy availability of spare parts and its exceptional quality standard set by the Japanese means the Jazz is a great car to own for those on a budget.

Its compact size helps the Jazz to have an easy driving experience and boost your chances to find a parking spot around the city, pretty useful when you’re going to grab a quick lunch. However, don’t be deceived of it’s compact size! Thanks to its clever design, the tall body of the car combined with the foldable rear seats provide a versatile car that helps transport large objects such as potted plants and your furniture from Ikea.


Another Honda car? Well yes, the Honda brand is known for its durable, lasting cars but also for its safety on the roads. The Honda Civic’s reliability and fuel-efficiency has made it a household name for local drivers. With its comfortable seats and plenty of cargo space, the sleek and sporty looking car provides practical value to their owner. For drivers who value safety on the road, rest assured that the Honda Civic host features automatic high-beams and forward-collision warning.

But what about performance-wise? Well, the Honda Civic has a powerful and reliable engine. It runs on the horsepower of 92kW and a torque of 151Nm to be more specific and it’s also eco-friendly since it consumes fuel at 14.7km/L.

Its long lasting capabilities and excellent quality has been well received among Civic users. Its reliability and sturdiness means less cost for maintenance. Not to mention that it will still look stylish even after being on the road for a long time. For people who like a stylish car that delivers performance after many years to come, the Honda Civic is perfect for them.


For those who have extra money to spend and have a huge extended family that you love ferrying around, Toyota Alphard is definitely a car worth renewing your COE for. It’s sheer size and luxurious space has made it a staple car for VIPs. Perhaps the most notable feature is its motorised automatic doors on the sides, which does add on the feeling of luxury and importance. The car is built for maximum comfort and space which makes it perfect for extended road trips and large family groupings.

This iconic family car is a winner of the 2010’s SGCM Car of The Year awards for the MPV category while the PARF (Preferential Additional Registration Fee) rebate of these cars are rather high at around $20,000, you have to consider that getting one of this with a fresh COE renewal will set you back only around half of its original price!

5) BMW 5 SERIES 523I

Now for something different, the BMW brand is considered a luxury car and the F10 BMW 5 Series oozes both classiness and elegance. This executive sedan features a tasteful interior with an impressive list of practical technologies such as auto hold assist, parking assist and cruise control.

With its refined engines that allow quick built up speeds, smooth and quiet rides, and comfortable sittings, the BMW 5 series is a treat to those looking for smooth and relaxing cruise down the countryside. While the 523i is a base model 5 Series, it’s powered by a smooth 2.5-litre straight-six engine. Although the PARF rebate on these cars is rather high, which is roughly around $20,000, the resulting depreciation after a COE renewal is still much lesser than what you would need to fork out for a brand new midsize luxury sedan! So with regular maintenance and a good polish, it’s definitely worth flexing this luxurious car that is associated with class to your friends and family.


Last but not least, how can we forget about the car which we specialise in? Popular among the rally scene and car enthusiasts, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X came equipped with twin-clutch transmission and a four-wheel drive system that electronically controls the amount of torque sent to each wheel. Powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engine, this high-performance car is made for drivers who enjoy smooth handling of the wheel and super fast gear shifts, giving them absolute control of the sportscar during high speeds or tight corners.

For racing enthusiasts who enjoy the high speeds and still need the space of a normal sedan, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is definitely a car worth renewing your COE for.

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