7 Basic car maintenance tips from the experts

The average lifespan of a car is around 8 years. However, proper car maintenance can help further that lifespan to another few more years, giving you the extra mileage you need. So yes, it is worth maintaining your car and contrary to popular beliefs, it doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it require you to have intimate knowledge about cars! Here are 7 basic car maintenance tips to keep your car in pristine condition:


The battery is the heart of your car so just like the human heart, you would need to ensure it is in “good health”. This vital car component is essential and without it, you are not going anywhere. So, check your car battery at least once a year, and what you should be looking out for is any signs of dried up battery acid, which is basically the white stuff that has hardened around your battery. If there is, wear protective gears such as gloves and sunglasses, and then proceed to remove the cables from your battery (do the negative cable first!).


The correct measurements for your tire pressure can be found in your car manual book or by the sticker at your car’s side door. A good tire pressure gauge should be considered an essential tool for any driver, but if you don’t have one, your local petrol station would always have an air pump waiting for you. In general, you should check the pressure of your tire at least once a month but if you notice any imbalance when driving, that is a good indicator that you should get it professionally checked.


We don’t know about you but we love visibility, especially if we are caught in the middle of a heavy downpour that makes it so much more difficult to see when driving. Windshield wipers are essential for cars, especially for a tropical country like Singapore that rains pretty often. But windshield wiper blades are not very durable, after all, they are made of rubber which is prone to wear and tear. The good news is that it can be easily replaced and it doesn’t cost much to do it. But how do you know when to change it? Well, we recommend somewhere between 6-12 months but if it squeaks or makes some horrid noises anytime you use them, this would be a very good indicator that you should change the wiper blades.


Don’t be a lazy couch potato and go wash your car at least once every two weeks. Not only does it keep your car clean from dust and mud that could affect the paint coat of your car, but it also helps improve the safety while driving. The last thing you want is dust or dead bugs plastered on your windshield or the rear window that obstructs your vision. By keeping your car clean both inside and out, you get the added benefit of not getting looks from your neighbours or any complaints from your parents.


The air filter is basically the lung of the car. It keeps dust, dirt, and exhaust gases from entering the electronic system. It is vital to have clean air as the smooth airflow to the engine is responsible for the car’s performance and horsepower. In other words, if your air filters are filthy, this would lead to a reduction of performance and more fuel wastage in the long term. Besides, the air filters are responsible for clean fresh air inside your car, something which you would appreciate during rush hours while being stuck in traffic. We recommend you to change the air filters of your car once you reach 19,312-24,140 kilometres on your vehicle.


Since most of our cars are parked outdoors, you can consider covering your car with a large waterproof cloth. This may seem silly, but it has a major impact on maintaining your car. By keeping your car away from the harsh weather, it can help your paint and interior remain in good condition. Harmful radiation from the sun and animals making your car their makeshift nest can leave their toll on your vehicle.


Do you like quick sharp turns? Or driving in blazing speeds down the empty streets? Are you a fan of slamming your brakes at the last second? If you say yes to any of those, please refrain yourself from doing it. Not only is it dangerous, but the way you drive reflects the condition of your car. Reckless driving can cause your car to wear down faster and cause more fuel consumption. If you have a habit of taking off quickly and applying brakes suddenly, then remind yourself that each smooth transition saves money on petrol and prevents any unwanted accidents.

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