7 Must-have items in your car

There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to packing the right stuff for a short drive or a long trip. Although we have different ideas on what to eat or drink in a car, there are certain things that we normally would not give a second thought on but happen to be useful in uncalled-for circumstances. Furthermore, our destination, vicinity and the car’s capacity will be another reason to justify how much and what we should bring with us. With that in mind, here are 7 essential items every driver will surely make use of on all occasions whilst travelling.


What else is more needed than a bottle of water in this tropical country where it is humid all year long? Although there is only a remote chance you will ever find yourself stranded and facing dehydration in Singapore, a few water bottles might be of use for beating the heat.


Trust us, you don’t want to find yourself in the cold together with your elderly or children without having extra sleeves or jackets to offer. Not to mention, the unpredictable weather of Singapore should necessitate your need for spare clothes in the car for unexpected occurrences. If you don’t want your jackets to be left scattered on your car seats, fold and put them inside a bag. That way, it will not get dirty and you will always have clean spare jackets sitting around in your car!


Speaking of uncertainty, you never know when a first aid kit will come in handy. As the saying goes “pray for the best, prepare for the worst”, the road is a proverbial wild west where anything could happen to anyone at any minute. Should you ever find yourself involved in an accident, the first aid kit is the first thing to help with any injury while you wait for the paramedics to arrive. Who knows, you could save the day too as you find yourself among the first responders in an accident scene with the right supplies!


Although the Covid-19 vaccines are progressively rolling out, do not think about taking the mask off anytime soon as the jury is still out on whether the pandemic has been curbed and contained. Even if you have been vaccinated, the practice of the now typical precautions is still necessary. So, be sure to pack some face masks, antibacterial wipes or a hand sanitiser to store in your car. The recommended way to safely store face masks in your car without risking contamination is keeping them in a ziplock bag and placing it in the glove compartment.


A hand vacuum will always be useful at home and out on the road. Keeping your car’s interior free from dirt and germs is a part and parcel of our lives today. If you have kids or pets, the hand vacuum will save you from doing the dirty work yourself as it is much easier and faster to empty out the hollow crevices of car seats from crumbs and dust within seconds. Besides, a portable vacuum also greatly helps to pick up particles that are invisible to the naked eye under car seats and other hard-to-reach places, making it a great friend to have 24/7, especially in times like these.


Life is full of surprises so it is good to anticipate the unknown. And in this case, a car escape hammer could save your life should you find yourself having to break your car window or cut the seatbelt in an emergency. Additionally, with guns out of the question, a hammer could make a good defensive weapon in the worst-case scenario.


The manual book could be your swiss army knife on the road as it contains unique answers to the many questions, ranging from the minute to the dire ones, you might have for your car in normal and unwelcome circumstances. The instructional booklet includes key information such as setup instructions, maintenance schedule, oil and tire change, warranty information, and tips to keep your car in a good shape, all of which can make you a better driver and car owner. For that reason, it is best to store the booklet in the glove compartment and double-check to ensure it is well kept every time you hit the road.

*Optional: A mini fire extinguisher

In case of emergency, we would recommend you keep a small fire extinguisher for your car. Vehicle fires may start small, but with the absence of a fire extinguisher, the fire can spread and cause bigger damage. If you value your safety, get yourself a small fire extinguisher and keep it safe in the passenger footwell or in your car’s boot.

Speaking of which, is your vehicle well fit to drive safely? If your car is due for a service, book an appointment with us now!

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