Car paint, beware!

Do you know how long car paints last?

Most car paints can last for up to 10 to 15 years before they start to fade. But it also depends on how well the car is taken care of. For instance, if you just repainted your car but you’re not doing a good job at taking care of it, that car paint may not even last 10 years. Because other than natural fading, there are plenty of other things that can affect the paint of your car. Let’s find out what those things are…

Things that can ruin your car’s paint


We all know how the weather is in Singapore! If you often park your car outside, fully exposed for a long time, you may see some whitish spots on your car paint. These white spots happen because of sun damages and they can be very apparent. To avoid ruining your car paint, invest in a car cover or park in a sheltered spot. If you have no choice but to park in the open, be sure to wash, wax and apply a sealant on your car regularly.


Paint swirls happen when you often wipe your car with a dirty or dry cloth. Or it could also be because the surface of your car is highly contaminated. When you wipe a contaminated surface with a dirty cloth, you can cause micro-scratches and paint swirls in your paint job. So, the next time you’re contaminating your car, be sure to clay your car and use clean washcloths.


Either someone intentionally scratches your car or you happen to bump into something pointy, scratches can easily damage your car paint. And when this happens, the damage can be devastating! Fortunately, you can add an extra layer of paint protection film to avoid this.


Paint fades naturally over time. Especially so when you always expose your car to harsh sunlight and clean it using strong chemicals. But there is a way to keep your car paint looking good for years to come, and that is by regularly cleaning, polishing, and waxing your car. Oh, and don’t forget to keep them covered when parked outside!


If you park your car under a tree, you may find little sticky spots on your car. When that happens, you will want to clean them as soon as possible using a clean washcloth. Because once these little spots harden, they will be sticking to your car and discolour the paint. Of course, best to avoid parking your car uncovered under the tree! Or if that’s unavoidable because you live in a very green neighbourhood, then try waxing your car for an extra layer of paint.


It’s very common to get bird droppings on your car. While it’s understandably icky, you might want to clean them as soon as possible because bird droppings can damage your car paint due to their acidic content. Before the droppings dry, use a wet towel and detergent, and gently scrub them away.


Acid rain can cause serious damage to your car exterior. Even when the water evaporates, the acidic materials will continue to damage your car paint. The best way to overcome this is to wash your car regularly. But if you start to see acid rain marks, use clay bars or watermark remover to clean your car.


Dust may seem harmless but an accumulation of dust can damage your car paint. When dust mixes with rain, it creates an acidic compound that can damage and corrode your car paint. So, keep this in mind and be sure to wash your car regularly!

Car paints can change the look and feel of your car. Whether or not your car is brand new all depends on how well you take care of your car’s paint. Remember the most basic rules, wash your car regularly and cover your car if you park them under harsh sunlight. To be super safe, add an extra layer of paint protection film on your car.

If you’re unsure how to care for your car’s paint, send your car to us and let our professionals help you. Or do you need brand new paint for your car? Get your car spray-painted here at Carfeels! To start, book an appointment with us here.

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