What you need to know before and after servicing your car

Is this your first time servicing your car? If you fail to have your car properly serviced, not only will your car’s performance deteriorate, but it will also take a toll on your budget as you’ll need to spend more to fix these issues.

But do you know when or how often you should service your car? Let’s find out…

What to know before servicing your car


The rule of thumb is to service your car every six months. If you fail to do this regularly, you will find that the car will not perform as well as it should and may even produce weird noises that might indicate something more serious.


Owning a car comes with several expenses. Although car maintenance can come off as expensive, it will be even more expensive if the car’s condition is left untreated for a long time. The cost of maintenance is different depending on the type and severity of the car. But typically, the usual routine service can cost about S$100 or more, depending on mileage. For more information about the prices that we offer, get in touch with us


You should always keep track of your car maintenance. Start by creating a list of the areas of your car that requires maintenance, repairing, and replacing. You should also keep track of the dates you have your car serviced so that you can better inform your mechanic about the status of your car.


Although you may never face this problem when servicing your car at a reputable workshop, it is always recommended that you remove all of your personal belongings before you send your car for a service.

What to know after servicing your car

It’s not over until it’s over! Once your mechanic has informed you that the car is all ready to go, you must take it upon yourself to check the performance of your car after a service. You can start by checking the job sheet of your car’s service to fully understand what the mechanic had serviced or altered in your car.

You should then check if tyres have been checked or replaced. Your car’s manual should tell you how much air pressure your tyre needs. So, be sure to check the tyres’ pressure and tread depth using a gauge.

Don’t forget to also check your fuel level and lights. Turn your headlights and ensure that both headlights are functioning properly. And ask for someone’s assistance to check if your brake lights are working as well.

Lastly, do a test drive to see how well your car is performing as compared to before the service. This is an important step for you to feel the change and determine how satisfied you are with the service.

When getting your car serviced, it’s advisable to oversee the whole process so that you understand the state of your car. But when you send your car to Carfeels, our mechanics will ensure that you are well-informed on every change that is made to the car during the service. Book an appointment with us now! If you have any other topics you would like us to discuss, just let us know!

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